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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 18, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> amazing. >> i was astounded. i should remember 1991 better. but still. >> and the funny thing we would listen to it on the radio like we never heard it above. what a groove. >> franis scott key would have applauded it. >> few have attempted to follow in her foot steps and trying to record that song again. she did it so fantastic. >> there is nothing to do after that. and she's also in the guness world record as most awarded female act of all time. amazing triumph for a woman whose roots go back to a young girl who had dreams of singing in the choir. >> great accomplishments. >> they are here and that's what is wonderful. >> what about the people in
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the choir and church. can you give us a sense of who they are. and how close they are to whitney. >> new jersey is a hot bed for vocalist. her mom and could you sayin deon. and you have didiwar wick. and great singers in the church. this is a breeding groundd for great vocalist with true feeling in their heart. that's where it starts. a lot of the great artist started in the church and whitney houston music. that foundation of gospel was in the timbre of her sound. >> this being a celebration and this being remembered as a celebration from life as opposed to something very somber. it is something bee are all excited. it is a way to remember her in a special way.
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>> it is a celebration of life. that is how you have to look at. jeff fox. it is good to talk to you. thanks for talking to us on the home going. ♪ again the service is about to get under way. choir doing the initial opening act. and we'll talk to taku. he toured with whitney houston. percutionist and husband of. an amazing mucal talent gone too soon. taku can you hear me. yes, i am here. >> tell us a little bit of working with whitney houston as a huhan being. >> i have such fond memories of being on tour.
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talking about her human side. she had a warm. warmment giving nature. and wanted to talk to all of the band band members. cand first of all most artist. she made sure we were all coming down and hanging out and playing cards with the band and downstairs at the lob yehad a laid back family environment. that is how she was like a mother hen to the band and dancers. and when we hit the stage, it was all business. it was a great environment. for me, it was my first major world tour. that set the tempo of how a
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artist should treat the band and people that worked with them. that voice, what a great. absolutely. i am still, some of my fondest memories of performing go back to that tour that we did. like an aha moment. i was in capitol moment . was positioned on stage directly behind whitney and it was a moment when i looked out and single spotlight on her and she's singing the first verse of i will always love you by herself. i was like wow. all of those years of practicing and what knot and i am pinching myself and standing right behind her. one of the best memories in my career.
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she was a mucal diva in the best possible way . there were divas who act the part. from the sounds of it she did not act the part. being a diva and knowing what to do and how to do it, composure. the people who worked for her. she was in control. on that tour. it was astounding to see that. it comes from the top and she definitely led us. it was really inspirational. if and a tour i hold dear to my heart. >> what about the interaction with the fans. i imagine fans said hello. >> there were fans.
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she did have security theme. we had bomb sweeps in various countris and arebas and there was that element . they did have to keep her once in her circle we had a buffer around us. definitely. i toured all over germany and played in 20 different cities in germany over a four or five mongs and there was fans that came to every show. and once they add more shows . and they run out of money. she would pick them out of the audience and recognizing the woman. i will get to come to the tour. she kept in touch with the band members through facebook. >> she will reach.
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fantast exick great story and great memories i am sure on the happy but solemn day. taku who prayed percution on the tour. >> checking back with kelly wright who is live outside of the church in newark,iers jers for more on the services that are going to be part of this afternoon. a celebration. anyway are calling it a home going and it is a special day for you . special memories this morning. >> indeed. a lot of precious memories and we'll get into that. what is going on right now in new hope baptist church choir is applaud raising their hans of not only whitney houston's life but life of christ who they are here to hear to
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celebrate whitney's home going back to the arms of loving god. it is a processional in the new jersey mass choir performing and we'll hear a scripture by rev ren joe carter who is the pastor of new hope. we are seeing ricky minor's pand come in. not only the mucal director of american idol but mucal dreckor for jay leno but he served as us had hus's first band director and they strike out. on l own and becoming tars in l own right. ricky minor had the pleasure of brewing a year ago for this series yen the dream. one thing he mentioned to me was how much he adored working with whitney houston. it was one of the biggest
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moments in his own mucal career and he will be performing here today. and expressions by the great actor and director tyler perry. many of you know him from the movies of madeia and selections by donny mcclerkin. and donny mcclerkin who was a pastor out on long island and grammy award winner has known the winan family and houston family for number of years. marvin winan is to give the euology. and he is a pastor himself and close friend. will recall whitney as a mother and daughter and friend to the world and define her as being a child of god. we'll also hear a selectionn as i mentioned by bebewinan.
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expressions by td jakes we heard from fox as well in beyond the dream. he was part of the production team on sparkle. and he will give comments and remarks and a selection by reverend kim berle and a fantastic amazing singer and you will enjoy that as she delivers the notable song called a change is going to come. starting off in the church and kevin costner whitney houston's co--actor in the bodyguard and made 400 million dollars and viewed by a lot of people. and expressions by a man who
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gave whitney houston her first break. that is clive davis who met her and performing in new york city. along side mother cissy. bobby humptries told clive who was watching and watched that relationship between cissy and whitney explains how he was convinced to come down and hear the talented teenager . at the time whitney was one of the first african-american women to grace the cover of 17 magazine. whitney had the route of a model or follow the path of becoming a muc legend, not knowing that she would emerge as a mucal icon and clive davis will make his expressions. we are expecting him to talk
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about 1:05. and selection by stevie wonder. he will sing in the need of love today. when you look at whitney houston's life and all she was through and greatt things we will remember about her today. one would arguably say the most compelling song and whitney houston's life and love is in need of love today. and remarks by ricky minor and selection by alisia keys and articley will sing and one of the songs that whitney released. i look to you. patricia houston has remarks and remarks bideon war wick and certainly deon war wick is known for the great work she did for howl david and burke. that is the way the series of
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evens is going to play out today in new hope baptist church. they are going to have a joyful time. there will be tears and mourning, but they will be talking about the joy of sharing life of whitney houston. this sorry money was due to start noon. it is sloy getting underway. we'll take you to the prelimary muc at the new hope baptist church as they are in the home going for whitney houston. ♪ [ singing ]
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[ singing ] ♪ ♪ [ singing ]
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♪ [applause] ♪
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♪ ♪ lord we lift you up. ♪ [applause]
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♪ ♪ ♪ good afternoon.
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my name is a. curtis sparrow and ceo of urban street and we have been helping this family all week and i am also the minister of music here in the new hope baptist church. [applause] we welcome you to our home. and we are going to have church today . because we believe in a mighty god. he's awesome. through it all. it is well with my soul. we please ask that you not use your cell phones . we actually ask that you turn
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them off. no recording, please. no picture taking. and in case of an emergency, we are going to ask you to go to the nearest exit, you will have an exit in the rear, to my left, to your right. and you have a exit on the rightt in the rear, we have two exits on the right here. and now, i present to you the mayor of this great beautiful city, call newark, new jersey, the honorable corey booker. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemenn, it is my privilege to welcome you all here to our great city.
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we are here to mourn our loss but to cell brate her life. god is in hen and with him is one of our angels, whitney houston. [applause] as the hens reverberate with joy and gladness, may we understand that though we weep now, weeping may endure through the night, but joy, joy cometh in the morning. we thank you for gathering here and i again want to say, we love you, whitney houston. thank you . [applause] will everyone please rise.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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carries him away with the flood, they are asleep in the morning. they are like grass which grows up in the morning it flourish and grows up. and in the evening, it is cut down and withers . for we are consumed by thineanger and by thy wrath are we troubled. thou set our inic quitties before thee and secret sins in the light of thy countenance. all of the days passed away in thy wrath. we spend our years as a tale
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that is told today of the years of three score year and 10 x. four score yet to their strength labor in sorrow and soon cut off and we fly away. who knows the power of thineanger even according to thy fear. so is thigh wrath. so teach us to number our days. that we may aplyy our hearts unto wisdom. return o lord how long and let it be repent concerns thy servants, oh, satisfy us early with thy mercy. that we may rejoice and be glad all of our days. make us glad according to the
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days we are in. thouhath afflicted us in the years where know we have seen you. let thy work appear unto thy servants and thy glory unto their children and let the beauty of the lord, our god be upon us. establish thou the work of thy hands upon us . yes, the work of thy hands tabe thou it. ♪
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♪ ♪ the lord is my shepherd. ♪ i shall not want ♪ he maketh me to lie down in green pastures.
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♪ he leadeth me beside the still waters. ♪ he restoreth my soul. ♪ he restoreth my soul. ♪ he restoreth my soul. ♪ he restoreth my soul. oh, yeah. ♪ oh, yes. ♪ he ledeth me in the paths of rightousness.
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♪ for his namesake. ♪ yea, yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death .... ♪ i shall fear no evil. ♪ for thou art with me. ♪ yes thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. ♪ they do comfort me. ♪ yes they do comfort me. ♪ yes that do comfort me.
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♪ hualapai, they comfort me, they comfort me. note oh, yeah. oh, yeah. ♪ oh, yes. ♪ he preparest a table. ♪ he preparest a table. ♪ before me. ♪ in the presence of my enemies. ♪ ♪ ♪ thou anoinest my head with oil. ♪ my runeth over.
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♪ ♪ and you know that surely goodness and mercy ♪ shall follow me. ♪ all -- and i will shall dwell in the house of the lord. ♪ forever, forever, forever, forever. ♪ forever, forever. ♪ hualapai. ♪ i shall dwell in the house
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of the lord forever. forever, forever, forever. ♪ and i shall dwell in the house of the lord one of those morning, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever and forever. ♪ and i shall dwell in the house of the lord forever, forever and forever and forever and forever. ♪ and i shall dwell in the house of the lordd, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever, forever. note amen. ♪ amen. ♪ amen. ♪ amen.
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♪ amen. ♪ amen. ♪ amen. plause plause ♪ and i shall dwell in the house of the lord, and see my jesus. ♪ forever, forever, forever. ♪ yes, hualapai. i shall dwell in the house of the lord. forever, and forever. ♪ and i shall dwell in the house of the lord. note forever and forever and forever and forever and forever and ever. note and i shall dwell in the house of the lord. one of these mornings.
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♪ forever, and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. ♪ i shall dwell in the house of the lord. ♪ going to see my jesus. ♪ forever and ever and ever and ever amen. note amen. amen. amen. amen. amen. amen. come on and give him praise, give him praise. ♪ god bless you. say amen for the choir. say amen for the choir.
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god bless you today. repeat to me. lord, we welcome you. have your way. lord we welcome you. lord we welcome you, have your way. in jesus' name. amen and if you love the lord, clap for him. clap. plause plause come on, clap for him if you love jesus. clap for him. hualapai. glory to god. glory to god. gloryy to god. glory to god. god be praised. god be praised. oh, my, my, my,. yes.
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[applause] we are gathered here today because when you are a child of god, when you are dedicated, you are dedicated. when you fellowship in the body of christ, it is at an altar. when you make your wedding vows, it's at an altar. and when god has spoken. you are laid to rest and yet celebrate it. at an altar.
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we are here today hearts broken. but yet to god's strength, we celebrate the life of whitney houston today. [applause] i want to say this as protocol has been set. this is not my house. this is not your house. you all can finish that next part. this is god's house. whitney, you are the only one that can bring all of us together. whitney, today is your day.
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we celebrate. today is your day, whitney. today is your day. now, i want to just say that we came here to celebrate in this is how we celebrate. we have church. we have church. the loving people you see, this family, they love the lord. that is their faith that is holding them together. and so it is not about anybody but whitney today. and we celebrate and support and strengthen this family in this hour. if you love god, clap for jesus if you love god.
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the 23rd psalm. the lord is my shepherd i shall not want. he makes me to lie down in green pastures and he leads me beside the still waters. he restores my soul. he leads me in the paths of rightousness for his namesake. yeah, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death. i will fear no evil. for thou art with me. thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. they preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies and thou anointest my head with oil and my cup runeth over. surely good mercy shall follow me all of the days of my life and i will dwell in the house of the lord forever. amen .
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john chapter 14, verse 1-6. let not your hearts be troubled. ye believe in god believe also in me. in my father's house are many mansions. if it you were not so, i would have told you, i go to prepare a place for you and if i go, to prepare a place for you, i will come again and receive you unto myself that where i am ye may be also . where i go in the way you know. thomas said lord, we know not whether they goest and how can we know the way? jesus said unto him, i am the way. the truth and the life. no man comes unto the father but by me. this is the word of god.
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we'll now have a selection by reverend donny mcclerkin at this time. let the church say amen as he comes. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ tell me what do you think when you spend your time. ♪ it seems like it is never enough. ♪ tell me what you say. ♪ to someone. ♪ tell me me what do you give. ♪ when you give him her heart.
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♪ well, you just when there is nothing left to do. ♪ stand what the lord see you through. note after you've done all you can. ♪ you just stand. ♪ tell me how do you stand from your. ♪ how do you deal the savior. ♪ tell me how you can keep on smiling while your heart has been broken. ♪ so filled with pain.
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note tell me what do you think when you've begin all of your own. ♪ and it seems like you can't make it through? ♪ child, you just stand when there's nothing left to do. ♪ just go and stand and watch our lord see you through. ♪ yes you've done all you can. ♪ you just stand. ♪ you just stand. ♪ stand god has.
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yes ♪ yes, god has a plan. ♪ what do you do? ♪ when you have done all that you can. ♪ have you seen -- ♪ somebody help mow out. ♪ child you just stand. ♪ just stand. ♪ you stand. ♪ get up. ♪ you through the storm. ♪ stand up through the rain. ♪ through the heard. ♪ stand up through the pain. note don't you bow. ♪ don't you bend. ♪ don't give in.
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♪ you hold on. ♪ hold on. ♪ hold child. ♪ hold on. hold on. ♪ don't give up. ♪ don't gave. note after you've done all you can. ♪ after you have done all you can. ♪ after you've gone through the storm. ♪ lord, after you've gone through the rain. ♪ after you've gone through
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the hurt in your life. ♪ after you've gone through the pain. ♪ you've prayed and cried and cried. note you've prayed and cried. prayed and cried. ♪ you've prayed and cried. ♪ you've prayed and cried. ♪ prayed and cried. but what you have got to do. ♪ just stand. ♪ stand. ♪ don't you lose control or lose the faith. ♪ throughout all of the hurts. ♪ throughout all of the pain.
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♪ after you've done all you can. ♪ i wish i had worshippers that would give god praise. ♪ sometimes the load gets too heavy to bear. ♪ god promised to give us strength in the midnight hour. note in the midnight hour. ♪ we don't know why god does what god does. note but everything that god does he does it well, do i have a witness here? note and you pray and cry pray and cry. ♪ pray hold your head up high.
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♪ after all you are done all you can, you just stand . ♪ when you get up to tomorrow. ♪ you just stand. ♪ don't let go the salvation. note you just stand. hallelujah. ♪
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after you've done all you can. after you've done all you can. just stand. brother mcclerkin. we thank you . for being here . and giving us what we asked for. your song means a lot to cissy. and then a great deal to whitney. and we do thank you.
9:49 am
and love you. so now ask tiler, -- tyler perry to come special givis wors of expression. [applause] god bless you. the houston family, i know this grief. it was pat who introduced me to whitney a while back and we sat in a restaurant in atlanta just the two of us and sat there talking an hour and half four years ago . she was telling me about her
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life and surprised how candid and open and revealing she was. she was talking about things that made her sad and tough and as i would see her talk about this, i would see a heaviness on her and i am the type of person, i wod want to say something encouraging and before i could get words out to encourage her, she would say, but the lord. the conversation went on and went on and we would talk more and she would go back in the sad when i was about to step in, but my lord and savior jesus christ and his "amazing grace". it was at that moment, that i knew i would stand with her and from that moment until now i stood with the family and her and i am completely thankful to god for all he has done in her life. there are two constants that i
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been whitney houston. there was a grace that carried. a grace that carried her from heaven down and brought up through singing. she was not supposed to be speak let alone sing. but there a grace that kept on carrying her all the way through. [applause] >> the same grace that led her to the top of the charts and sold all of these album won award and sang for presidents . there was a grace that kept on carrying her one thing i know and other thing i know for sure and this is more important. whitney houston loved the lord. yes. [applause] and in every conversation we had over the years, it was evident that she loved the lord . when i think about it. there is a scripture.
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i think about apostle paul. i am persuaded that nothing me from the love of god. so what i know about her, nothing separated her from the love of god . if you look at paul he described her life. neither height or how far in the stratos phere nothing separated her from the lord. [applause] neither heightings nor depth or struggle and what she had to go through it was not enough to separate her from the love of god, nor principalities or power or things present or thing to come. nothing was able to separate her from the love of god. [applause] so what i know about her, is that she loved the lord. and if there was a grace that carried her all the way through, it was the same grace that carried her home.
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and i just want to close to say this paul said this and it fascinates me. he said what then say you to these things? that is if god be for you, who can be against you? so say whatever you want, god was for her and she's resting and sing the angels. god bless you, family and god bless you, whitney, we love you so much. [applause]
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he still does. . . and ask if he will come and sing for us bebewinans. [applause] ♪ ♪
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♪ i don't mind doing. her voice and we talk about her talent, which was a beautiful thing, but what i'm
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going to present, crazy-- (applaus (applause) back to the start and remembering, here, and i said, we want to share what i'm going to miss about whitney when we were getting ready to to our first major headline tour and whitney told us we had to come over. so she came over to the house because she had something in the closet. he when i heard her closet was about as big as a church and we wasn't crowded. so we're sitting there, okay, so, all right, i've got to tell you what we're going to do, we're going to-- i went and i had some uniforms made, looked at her, what? she said i've got the
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background dresses for the girls, the three girls in a cream, and, and i got the band and the cream for the shirts and bb i got you a suit, a cream suit and kris cc, a melon dress made and i got me a green one. and she made her a green one. and because she don't, we going to headline and she was determined and clive, i know it made clive so mad, but she decided at the height of her career she was going to come sing background with bb and cc. [applause] >> and so we sat there and we said, whitney, you can't do that, nobody told you to do that, girl, this is not a material relationship. >> okay, okay, look, let me just say this, you my brother and sister, right? said, yeah. she goes and i'm your sister,
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right? yes, you are our sister. she said, okay, and we love each other, right. yeah, we love each other and she said, and this is what i'm thinking-- y'all broke, right? (laughter) (applaus (applause) >> and then she said, i am he' rich, right? and i can buy what i want to for y'all, right? and that's the whitney. that's whitney. and so one of the songs that came to my heart, cc stand right there. (laughter) >> is the song that i actually wrote with my brother when he passed and he was 48 and whitney was walking down
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the aisle and coming to the service and i was standing here when she came into the service, when she walked into the service, she just waved her hand and said, family, family, i'm here family. and so, family is here today. [applaus [applause]. ♪ ♪ with tears on my pillow, refusing to let go ♪ ♪ when i heard you left here ♪ ♪ so long on the playground, i'm lost in your hometown ♪ ♪ since you


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